Engineering the best for our military

Glen Raven’s involvement with the military dates back to World War II when we provided our Armed Forces with fabric for parachutes.

We are honored to continue supplying durable and high-performing fabrics the modern warfighter expects and deserves.

GRTF supplies materials that are used in the following products:

Boots, IOTV, MTV, MOLLE Systems (MIL C-43734)
Canteen Covers, Cots, Field Packs (MIL C-7219)
Duffel Bags (MIL C-55077A)
Flags (MIL A-A59709)
Hammocks (MIL C-43128)
Parkas (MIL 43906)
Tents (MIL C-44423)

Working in close collaboration with our customers, military development engineers and program managers, we engineer a broad range of military-grade fabrics. GRTF is able to offer tangible improvements in weight, durability and concealment, as well as enhanced resistance to fading, contamination and degradation.

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