Creating stable ground

Strata Systems, Inc., a subsidy of GRTF, has led the industry in geogrid materials since the early 1990s.

We specialize in products and solutions used to stabilize soft soils, reinforce retaining walls, and permit the design and construction of steep slopes.

Strata's geogrid materials well suited for use in commercial site development, highway construction, landslide repairs, and other industrial applications. Our products are distributed globally and have been used in numerous projects in India, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, Italy, Egypt, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Our associates at Strata continuously work with the engineering design community to provide advice and tailor technical design in support of Strata product application. All of Strata products are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality, and compliance with published specifications. Our comprehensive testing program is further supported by complete final product and raw material certification. Internationally, we comply with ISO 9001 and CE Mark.

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Strata India

In 2004, we expanded our reach to form a joint venture in India, where our core focus is on infrastructure projects. Not only do we manufacture reinforcement products in India, but we also provide complete design and build solutions to major contractors throughout the country, and hold the distinction of having designed and built the largest segmental retaining wall in all of India.

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