Textile technology providing clean water

As the global population continues to grow, so does the need for clean water and other natural resources.

GRTF recognized this demand and designed fabrics used as permeate carriers in filter systems.

How it works:

Contaminated liquid enters through a tube and proceeds to sift through a series of membranes and layers that remove the impurities in the liquid. The permeate carrier, designed and produced by GRTF, is a crucial element in the filtration process and is able to channel the purified substrate through the tube. Once it makes its way through the filter, it is ready to be used for drinking water, dairy products, natural gas or even wine.

To stay ahead of the continuously evolving market, we work collaboratively with filter-system manufacturers to design more efficient filter systems. While we are not the only supplier of permeate carriers, we differentiate ourselves by our ability to manufacture extremely thin fabrics, which allows the filter to be more energy-efficient with increased throughput.

Due to the strict standards for product testing and material analyses required by the industry, GRTF is Federal Drug Administration (FDA) compliant and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified.


Our filtration fabrics are currently used in the following applications:

Natural gas

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