Every ounce on your back makes a difference. And GlenGuard FR offers the best weight-to-protection ratio available on the market, ensuring comfort without sacrificing safety. Our fabrics have proven their capabilities within the FR apparel market—incorporating durability and comfort while surpassing government safety requirements. Our aim is to keep you safe and cool; because when you’re cool, you’re comfortable.

Burn Tests
Chemical/Acid Resistance
Color Fastness Comparison

Features & Benefits

GlenGuard fabrics are inherently flame resistant, made from a unique blend of Kermel® aramid and modacrylic fibers that surpass government safety standards while remaining comfortable to wear and looking untouched.

  • Inherently flame resistant so the FR characteristics never wash out
  • Colorfastness that is inherent in the fiber so it will not fade
  • Meets NA standards for CGSB 155.20, CGSB 155.22, NFPA 2112 tests
  • UL Certified
  • Available in both 4.5 oz and 6.4 oz weights
  • Best weight-to-protection ratio on the market
  • Two of the lightest NFPA Class 2 fabrics available on the market
  • 4.5 oz product has an arc flash rating of 7.3
  • 6.4 oz product has an arc flash rating of 10.1
  • Outperforms the competition in industrial and home launderings and abrasion testing

Unmatched in the industry, GlenGuard’s lightweight fabric yields unsurpassed protection with supreme comfort, which translates into safe, productive and motivated workers.

Features & Benefits of Kermel Aramid Fibers

  • Permanently non-flammable by nature
  • Offers maximum protection at very high temperatures (when 2 ca/cm2 flame is exposed to the garment for 3 seconds)
  • Is an excellent thermal insulator, providing efficient protection from heat, even in lightweight clothing
  • Is a chemically inert fiber allowing for protection against the majority of chemical agents in splash situations
  • The fiber is solution dyed, this means the color is locked into the fiber when it is made allowing garments that are made from Kermel to offer exceptional color retention wash after wash

Valued GlenGuard Partners

GlenGuard FR apparel is distributed by G&K Services.


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